For a successful stay in Denmark and at Aalborg University you need to be aware of important issues as a foreign citizen. Please find information below on what is of particular importance upon arrival.

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registration (of great importance!)

All inhabitants in Denmark are registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR). When you move to Denmark for more than 90 days you must therefore contact your local International Citizen Service (ICS) or local municipality in order to be registered in the Civil Registration System. If you visit the ICS you will receive your CPR no. immediately. At the municipality you will receive the CPR no. by mail within approx. 5 days.

When you work or receive a scholarship in Denmark, you need a tax card. To obtain a tax card, you must have a CPR number or a tax number.

In order to ease your way through these must-do tasks upon arrival in Denmark, please use the relevant checklist below. How to register depends on your citizenship. Please be aware of the requirements for your place of residence upon registration. You will need a CPR No. in order to receive your salary.


welcome meetings

You (and your family) might have several questions related to your new life in Denmark. At the monthly Welcome Meeting, run by International Staff Office in Aalborg, you (and your famíly) are able to get lots of valuable information about Denmark and everyday life at Aalborg University. At the meetings you are much welcome to ask any question and share experiences with other internationals that have recently arrived. Different publications on arrival to Denmark and settling down will be available for you to collect.


If you live in Copenhagen we advise you to visit The International House Copenhagen. International House Copenhagen (IHC) is there to make your settling in as easy as possible. You are able to register, join lots of events and receive great service on life in Denmark. You can also follow the Welcome Meeting at AAU online. Register and receive information on how to participate in the meeting online.


Living in Esbjerg we advise you to visit the Newcomer Service, where you are able to make all required registrations upon arrival and receive advice on life in Denmark and Esbjerg. You can also follow the Welcome Meeting at AAU online. Register and receive information on how to participate in the meeting online.


Join the monthly Welcome Meeting arranged by International Staff Office (Aalborg University) upon arrival to Denmark. Furthermore we advise you to visit The International House North Denmark, where you will find lots of events and activities for newcomers. Furthermore you are able to attend courses (free of charge) in job search, how to start up your own business, join a network group etc. You are also able to seek advise on life in Denmark


Please remember that you are also very welcome to seek advice at International Staff Office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Further information on life in denmark

We recommend that you download the free app "Move to DK" as it contains lots of relevant information on life in Denmark, what you need to do upon arrival etc.

In the publications and links collection you will find useful information about arrival to and living in Denmark..

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Welcome Meetings

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